Transition to Motherhood

Yong happy mother holding her baby. This image has attached release.It’s an exciting time when you decide, “I would like to have a baby!” The questions in your mind may keep you up at night- is it the right time to start a family? Do I have it in me to be a good mother? What will life look like, how will my relationships and family change?

Or maybe you are a new mother. As exciting as this time is, you may be surprised by feelings of sadness and self-doubt. Can I take care of this baby’s needs and my own? What happened to my old life?

For most women, the transition to motherhood- whether through pregnancy or adoption- raises so many questions and concerns. You may wonder whether you are prepared to meet the challenges ahead. You may worry about the changes in your family and your own identity. You may have concerns about balancing family and work needs- and you may wonder whether such “balance” is even possible!

Most women start motherhood with a mixture of excitement, hope, and anxiety. Integrative Psychotherapy for Women specializes in guiding you during this time of crisis and adventure. We will spend time focusing on your unique needs, giving you the care and attention necessary to make a positive, healthy transition to motherhood. By investing time and energy on yourself, you can bring more mindful presence and joy to your relationships with your partner, family, and your new baby.




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