Circle of Friends Retreats

Host a 2½ hour Circle of Friends Retreat for yourself and 9 of your friends, in the comfort of your home. Choose from a list of possible topics for your retreat:

  • Stress-Relief and Self-Compassion for Busy Moms
  • Got Baby Blues? Healing During the Postpartum Season
  • Mindful Expectations: Enjoying Your Pregnancy
  • Becoming A Mom Through Adoption
  • Transformation During Menopause and Midlife

Consult with Dr Batra to customize your own retreat

Your Circle of Friends Retreat is designed to help you engage with this time of transition as an adventure call!

Who am I becoming?
What is the deepest source of life’s meaning for me during this time?
What creative gifts do I want to bring to my life?
How do I manifest deeper compassion for myself, my partner, my children, and my world?

How Does It Work?

Call to schedule a 2 ½ hour Circle of Friends Retreat of your choice. Place a $90 deposit to save the date. This will then be applied to your fee when the retreat takes place.

Call and email 9 of your friends who you know would enjoy spending this time connecting with each other and themselves. The fee for each participant is $90.

You may provide snacks and drinks for participants, or make it a potluck!

I will come to your home (or office or another private space of your choice) to facilitate the retreat.

Sample Circle of Friends Retreat program

  • Introductions and Welcome
  • Mindful meditation
  • Exploration of transition as adventure call
  • Activity: “Who Am I Becoming?”
  • Discussion and time to process
  • 15 minute break/socializing
  • Journaling activity
  • Discussion and time to process
  • Activity: “Necessary Journeys”
  • Discussion and process
  • Closing circle