At Integrative Psychotherapy for Women, I provide counseling for individuals, groups, and couples.

Individual Counseling: Through one-on-one meetings, we can address how worries and old patterns may be keeping you stuck, preventing you from living the life you hope to lead. We will thoroughly explore your current concerns as well as what from the past may be impacting your feelings. Together we will address your goals and options for the future.

Couples Counseling: Are you and your partner exploring whether to start a family? Considering your options for family-building? Couples counseling can help you to resolve conflicts, grow in compassion for each other, or just to problem-solve around new life changes.

Many of my clients would like help with

  • Infertility or pregnancy loss
  • Whether to consider family-building through adoption
  • Preparation for a new baby during pregnancy or the adoption process
  • Postpartum sadness or anxiety
  • Post-adoption blues
  • Midlife and menopause transitions
  • Choosing single motherhood
  • Exploring career changes