PRE-ADOPTION SERVICES: Are you beginning the process of building your family through adoption? Congratulations! While the process can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life, it is often the most overwhelming as well. At Integrative Psychotherapy for Women, there are a range of pre-adoption services that may be useful to you and your growing family:


— We may address and process feelings of grief and loss, particularly as it relates to  infertility;
— We may structure our sessions to help you consider your adoption options;
— You may be seeking support through the emotional rollercoaster as you wait and prepare for the arrival of your child;
— You may be adopting your child from a country that requires a pre-adoption psychological evaluation. This involves a 90 minute interview with each prospective parent, and usually psychological testing – usually the MMPI-2-RF – for each parent. After completing the report, I will notarize two copies of the report for your agency and your dossier.



POST-ADOPTION SERVICES: After the exhilaration of homecoming, many new adoptive parents may struggle with feeling overwhelmed and even depressed. The “post adoption blues” is a common experience, similar to postpartum depression, and just as important to address in your goals of growing a healthy family. Talking to your child about her or his adoption and building a strong network of support around your new adoptive family are some examples of concerns we may address after you come home.