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Psychotherapy and Coaching for Women in Austin, TX

Leena Batra, Ph.D. · Licensed Psychologist · (512) 826-1152

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Psychotherapy is offered to individuals, couples and groups.

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Emotional support both before and after adoption is available.

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Mindfulness Groups

Includes topics such as: Transformation through Mindful Journaling; Self-Compassion and Wellness

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Host a 2½ hour Circle of Friends Retreat for yourself and 9 of your friends, in the comfort of your home.

From Dr. Batra's Blog

Transition to Motherhood

It’s an exciting time when you decide, “I would like to have a baby!” The questions in your mind may keep you up at night- is it the right time to start a family? Do I have it in me to be a good mother? What will life look like, how will my relationships and family change?
Or maybe you are a new mother. As exciting as this time is, you may be surprised by feelings of sadness and self-doubt. Can I take care of this baby’s needs and my own? What happened to my old life?
For most women, the transition to motherhood- whether through pregnancy or adoption- raises so many questions and concerns. You may wonder whether you are prepared to meet the challenges ahead. You may worry about the changes in your family and your own identity. You may have concerns about balancing family and work needs- and you […]

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New Offerings at IPW

Mothering With Self-Compassion – starting Feb. 6, 2017
This is an 8-week group for new moms, and will focus on developing self-compassion, releasing self-judgment, and strengthening your relationships with each other and your babies.
Choosing Solo Motherhood – 4-week seminar series, starting Feb. 4, 2017.
Many single women are starting the journey towards motherhood, either through donor insemination or adoption. This is an exciting time but also full of questions, and sometimes isolation. This 4-week seminar series will explore the many questions of those women who are thinking about starting the process, or who have already begun the process of adoption or trying to conceive. We will meet weekly for an hour each session, and will have a chance to address many questions in this supportive and informative group. I am hosting a free, 1-hour informational seminar on Choosing Solo Motherhood on Jan. 28, 10:00 a.m.
Space is limited in these programs. Please call to RSVP within 1 […]

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